„Berufsstart Bau“ 2020: Chance für Betriebe und Ausbildungssuchende

Die SOKA-geförderte Einstiegsqualifizierung bringt in Kooperation mit den BZB Betriebe und potentielle Azubis zusammen.

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Women Can Build: Carolin – Mit dem Abitur in die Ausbildung zur Dachdeckerin

Mit dem EU-Projekt „Women Can Build“ zeigen die BZB Beispiele von jungen Frauen in der Bauwelt.

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Sind Sie dabei? digitalBAU 2020 in Köln

Digitale Lösungen in der Baubranche sind das Thema der Fachmesse „digitalBAU“, die erstmals vom 11. – 13. Februar 2020 in Köln stattfindet.

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Gefragt: Fachbauleiter in der Betoninstandhaltung

Der erste Lehrgang für Qualifizierte Führungskräfte/Fachbauleiter in diesem Winter fand einen erfolgreichen Abschluss.

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Digitale Helferlein: Das digitale Aufmaß

Am 19.11.2019 lud das Kompetenzzentrum Digitales Handwerk zum kostenfreien Workshop „M3.3.1 | Digitales Aufmaß“ ins BZB Krefeld ein.

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EU-Projekt Step into BIM: Online-Kurs in Planung

Teilnehmende vom Auszubildenden bis zur Fachkraft erhalten im Online-Kurs eine Einführung in die BIM-Methode.

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BZB feiern 40-jähriges Bestehen

Unter dem Motto „Tradition und Moderne verbinden“ begrüßte das BZB Krefeld die Gäste mit einem Festprogramm.

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Since the introduction of EN 1504 and Eurocode 2 the understanding of concrete repair and protection is comparable all over the world. More and more construction companies now operate across multiple international markets and are heavily influenced by the German construction industry which with over 40 years’ experience has set the standard through continual development and innovation.

It is no surprise that applicants, specifier and supplier from all across the world are seeking training programs in projection, injection, repair and maintenance of concrete constructions and buildings according German standards. For almost 20 years Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e. V. (BZB) has realized international projects across countries as diverse as Egypt, Finland, South Africa, Spain and Sri Lanka. Since 2006 BZB is offering successfully international courses of concrete repair in English language. In 2016, due to this increasing demand, BZB decided to start a strategic business area “International”.

This business area is primarily concerned with two different topics.

1. IRP- Training certified by BZB
2. Knowledge transfer / Human Resources Development

1. IRP-Training certified by BZB

In 2006, due to this increasing demand, BZB created the first IRP training program (I = Injection, R = Repair and P = Protection) fully delivered and presented in English language in Germany. The content and scope of the training course is based on guidelines from the ‘German Training Council’ and the ‘German Concrete and Construction Engineering Association’ (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnikverein e. V) for working with reactive resins, polymer modified mortars or other construction chemicals in concrete construction field.

The IRP-program is a combination of individual, company and material certification. Individuals and companies are certified exclusively through BZB e. V. The IRP-training for individuals is lasting two weeks, which are split in two oneweek modules. The first week (IRP module I) is typically done locally while the second module (second week) is held at the BZB in Germany. The successful completion of the IRP training proves competence in the field of repair, injection and protection of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

Currently more than 150 participants from Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia have successfully completed the IRP-training.

In 2015 the IRP training program was extended to a company certification due to demand from National Transport Authorities from abroad which wanted to ensure the quality of the performance at the cost intensive job sites. The IRP company certification is done locally through BZB certifier. With the IRP company certificate the contractor ensures to the building owner that


  • the workforce on site is fully IRPtrained
  • the appropriate equipment is available
  • the work is executed according to the applicable guidelines.


The IRP-training is a guarantee for specifier and clients that work will be done as contracted out. The increased knowledge and skill level improves the communication between all parties involved. In combination with an initial on site briefing by a certified technician from the material supplier, the IRP- training and the company certification gives a three column system -company, person, material ensuring long term confidence in the work from all parties.

2. Knowledge Transfer / Human

Resources Development This business unit is established for the increasing demand for German experience and technical knowledge. We are offering custom-made training programs for concrete repair, protection injection, flooring systems, ground water protection and all other training for our extensive product ranges.

Bespoke training programs are developed in partnership with our clients to meet any special demands such as regional needs, material types or delegate requirements. All our expert trainers have extensive experience in their special field of expertise and guarantee the highest professional level of delivery and educational content. To ensure the quality of delivery of the trainings and their content the sessions are delivered to between 4-20 delegates encouraging maximum interaction and participation during the sessions.

All attending delegates will gain a certificate that can be checked and verified by any independent company, if requires. If you are unable to find an appropriate course amongst our already extensive program range, please contact us directly to utilize our 30 years of training experience and together we will create the ideal training course/program bespoke to you and your business needs. We look forward to hearing from you and building your business’s future together.



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